Greetings and Letters of Support from International Parties for the PCUSA First Congress

The First Congress Of The Party Of Communists USA. New York State April, 2016.

Dear comrades and friends,

From Friday, April 1 to Sunday, April 3, our Party of Communists USA held its Founding Congress at historic Arrow Park (formerly the American-Russian Organization of Workers – AROW) in Monroe, New York. The Congress was attended by several dozen delegates and observers from all parts of the country, as well as representatives from fraternal parties internationally.

The Congress consisted of lively political discussions as well as a cultural program including music and videos.

Friday night was dedicated to two book presentations hosted by U.S. Friends of the Soviet People. Grover Furr discussed his new book: Trotsky’s Amalgams, and Roger Keeran and Thomas Kenny discussed their book, Socialism Betrayed. There was a vigorous question and answer period.

The Congress opened and closed with the singing of The Internationale (in several languages). There were workshops on the workers’ movement in the U.S., on the economy, on oppressed nationalities, and on women and youth. While we could not decide on all outstanding questions, various views were aired and clarified.

We approved the Program (which had been discussed by the whole membership over the past year) with one small amendment. We also approved the Constitution with a few amendments that are currently being written up. These items and the greetings to the Congress are being printed and will be distributed shortly. On the last day, we elected a new and expanded Central Committee.

We apologize for the delay in sending out this announcement. This was partly inevitable due to the ongoing political work of our small but active Party, as well as to the untimely death of one of our leading comrades, Greg Rose, who was a highly respected member of our Secretariat.


Angelo D'Angelo
Angelo D'Angelo
General Secretary