Red Star Publishers is the Publishing House of the PCUSA,  dedicated to making Marxist-Leninist literature available in print format at low cost. All prices include shipping within the U.S. and only cover our printing costs.

For other countries, bulk orders or any other questions, please contact:

Please send check or money order out to 
Red Star * P.O. Box 1641 * Manhattanville Station New York, NY 10027 * 212-864-7595

*Please Make Check or Money Order payable    to US Friends of The Soviet People. 

*If you include an email address we can inform you of the progress of your order.

Please check our web-site:, since this list is updated regularly.

‚ÄčAll books, marked with a (B), or (L) in Spanish, should be ordered from Red Star. The pamphlets are meant to be printed by the readers themselves. They are set up in MS Word 1997-2003 format for printing in booklet form ("bookfold"), with no layout necessary, on 8 1/2" x 11" letter-size paper in landscape orientation, although they will appear on the screen as single-sided 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" pages (even in print preview). All the reader has to do is print the pamphlet, either using a two-sided printer or photocopied back to back. The covers are set up to print separately on one side in landscape orientation (preferably on a light color paper, such as beige, on 32 lb stock, better than card stock). The pamphlet should then be stapled in the middle (easiest with a saddle stapler available for use at many photocopy stores, or with a long-handled stapler).

If you wish to order copies of these pamphlets from Red Star, please send $1 each, except for those marked with a higher price, to the above address for photocopying costs. .

Pamphlets & Texts from Red Star Publishers