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Welcome to the official website of the Party of Communists USA (PCUSA)

”There are comrades who fight a day and are good. Others fight a year and they're better. There are those who fight many years and are very good, but there are those who fight their whole lives and those are the indispensable ones.” — Bertolt Brecht, German communist playwright

The Worker is the main publication of the PCUSA. Stay up to date with all of the latest developements in the Communist movement, both domestically and internationally.

The League of Young Communists (LYC)

The LYC, the youth wing of PCUSA, is where young comrades go to be developed into the next generation of leaders.

New Outlook Publishers

The official publishing house of the PCUSA. Support the Party while filling your library with Marxists classics and more at low prices.

Party Publications

The Worker, New Masses and more!

The Peoples School for
Marxist-Leninist Studies

The PSMLS has live classes open to the public every Tuesday at 8PM EST, as well as a library of recorded lessons on YouTube and Spotify.

US Friends of Soviet People

The USFSP is an organization dedicated to solidarity with the people of the USSR and the restoration of Socialism in the former Soviet Union.

Approved Propaganda

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