Party of Communists USA

Art Gallery

Art by Party Members/For PCUSA:

Ash, Kamryn S.
Kamryn S. 2021
Angelo D'Angelo 1989
Samuel W., 2022
Levi W., 2022
Tribute murel of John Reed on behalf of PCUSA by New Communist Party of Yugoslavia
Cartoon of Dimitrov
"PCUSA" Antoine L. 2021
"Stalin" Antoine L.
"PSMLS" Antoine L.
"New Masses" Antoine L.
"LYC 2nd Congress" Antoine L.
"Palestine" Antoine L.
Jess S. 2021
L. M. Williams 2022
Levi W., Samuel W., 2022
Lady Liberty burning a Klan Hood, Levi W. 2022
"Western Sahara" Antoine L.
"May Day" Antoine L.
"DPRK" Antoine L.
"Z" Antoine L. 2022

Historically Significant and Working Class Art:

Picasso and his portrait of Comrade Stalin
"The Family, Industry and Agriculture" Harry Sternberg
Moses Sawyer
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