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Statement on Holocaust Remembrance Day 2023 by the Jewish Commission

Today is January 27th 2023. For most people, it is just another day. For Communists, Jewish people, and all groups that were caught in the brutal Nazi genocide, today is the Holocaust Remembrance Day. January 27th was chosen for this important memorial because on this day in 1945, the brave warriors of the Soviet Red Army pushed through Europe and liberated the Nazi Concentration and Extermination camps. On this day in particular was the liberation of one of the most notorious camps: Auschwitz II – Birkenau, located near Krakau, Poland. Disturbingly, Russia was not invited to send an envoy for the 2023 Auschwitz Liberation Memorial Anniversary despite its historic role in the liberation.
This forced labor and extermination camp oversaw 1.3 million people. Of those, 1.1 million were killed. Approximately 960,000 of them were Jews, but there were also about 70,000 Poles, 20,000 Roma, 15,000 Soviet prisoners of war, and others who fell victim to this brutal Nazi death machine. While today is a day to mourn, it is also a day to celebrate the bravery and heroism of our comrades from the Soviet Union as our comrades from the world who came to fight the threat of Fascism and Nazism in the Great Patriotic War. The Soviet Union itself lost the lion’s share of lives, totaling to around 20 million, fighting for the liberation of the working class around the world. Our Jewish, Romani, Slavic, and other brothers and sisters also struggled immense battles against the fascist brutes. Communist resistance groups along with other anti-fascist Partisans all over Europe such as the French Resistance, Jewish Combat Organization, Jewish Military Union, Gwardia Ludowa, Yugoslav Partisans, and many more bravely combated the Nazis and other Fascists. With the Soviet Union under the leadership of giants such as Comrades Stalin, Molotov, Dmitrov, and many more, along with the anti-Nazi liberal leadership such as Roosevelt, Churchill, and de Gaulle, the world was able to slay the beast of Nazi Germany.
Unfortunately however, today we are seeing Fascism rise up in the world again. The Party of Communists USA calls on all who oppose fascism to continue to struggle against the Ukrainian fascist regime, which for the last 9 years has been ethnically cleansing Russian-speaking and Romani Ukrainians, has banned all opposition parties especially the Communist Party of Ukraine, has been cracking down and even banning trade unions, burnt down the House of Trade Unions in Odessa killing 50 trade unionists, Communists, and Socialists, and upholds WW2 era Nazis and Nazi Collaborators such as Stepan Bandera, as well as brandishing the flags and logos of groups like Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, the Nachtigall division, SS Galicia, and more. Fascism is not just confined to Ukraine today however. The United States Military Industrial Complex with its allies in NATO and the EU push fascism around the world. The Jewish Commission of the Party of Communists USA calls on all who oppose fascism to join the struggle against fascism by getting involved politically, build and join United Fronts, protest against Fascism domestically and internationally, and any other way. We cannot let Fascism win! ¡No Pasarán!

In solidarity,
Jewish Commission
Party of Communists USA.

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